Japanese design firm Nendo's latest chocolate creations are just as much (if not more) about what's on the outside than the inside. And we can't wait to get our hands on one. Divided into 12 faces each with a different texture, the 'chocolatexturebar' allows you to experience the different tasted created by distinctive textures. Speaking about their editable creation Nendo wrote, "what was perceived through this design was that although “eating” is generally thought of as one action, actually the taste is recognized after going through various procedures such as “place on top of the tongue”, “bite”, “roll inside the mouth”, “melt” and “swallow”. Chocolatexturebar-Nendo-Design-2 By tasting each face with the tongue, where one can enjoy a new taste dimension that is unlike any other conventional chocolates. The different three dimensional patterns that create the textures are stripes, dots, zigzags, checkered patterns and wave patterns. There are 5 different chocolate flavors – milk, strawberry, white, bitter and matcha. Sadly the 'chocolatexturebar' is only available in Japan, so you'll need to hop on plane to get your hands one.