l2_v359006_958_992_661-1 Stefan Diez turns Yard into a complete sun loving family for Emu. Think of “la dolce vita” and the American lifestyle. Sun, sand and sea breezes or the pool and a Mojito on the patio close by. KE-ZU_EMU_YARD_3 KEZU_EMU_YARD_040 In the design of “Yard”, Stefan Diez has achieved a type of cultural synthesis for the leading Italian outdoor furniture manufacturer, Emu. Yard chairs and tables are as suitable outside an Italian gelataria as on the patio at home or a Miami hotel terrace. The sun lounger and side tables you invariably imagine by a rooftop hotel pool in LA. The Yard bar stool could fit any beach bar from Spain to the Caribbean. KE-ZU_EMU_YARD_2 In short: Here, the Italian “dolce vita” and the American lifestyle leisurely bond with Stefan Diez’s Bavarian thoroughness and perfection. Of course all Yard models are made of an ultra-light, powder-coated aluminium frame with the seats traversed with broad elastic bands, rendering cushions quite unnecessary. Naturally all models come in marvellously flowing lines and those unique Miami colours. iSaloni Milano in April 2015 saw the addition of sun loungers, extension tables, a bar table and bar stools to the Yard collection. l2_v359006_958_992_661-6 KE-ZU_EMU_YARD_1 KE-ZU_EMU_YARD_7 The Yard seating is made from an ultra lightweight powder coated aluminium frame, with a seat and back made from elastic straps, guaranteeing extraordinary comfort and abandoning the need of additional cushions. These straps are inserted into the tubular frame using a technical solution developed and patented together with Emu, which allows the seat to form a natural unit with the frame. KE-ZU_EMU_YARD_4 KE-ZU_EMU_YARD_5 l2_v359006_958_992_794-16 l2_v359006_958_992_825-11 The Yard collection is completed by several fixed and extendable tables producing a furnishing system that satisfies the requirements of indoor as well as outdoor use in residential and contract applications. Yard is now in stock and on the KE-ZU showroom floor. Stop by and experience the comfort of Yard for yourself. Images © Robert Fischer Stylepark – thanks for your words and inspiration