KE-ZU Tokyo If you have ever stopped by the KE-ZU showroom at lunch time, you know that we don’t need an excuse to eat or spend time together. So that’s exactly what we did last Friday night. KE-ZU_CHRISTMAS_PARTY_2014 (19) The KE-ZU team headed (in Tokyo Neon get up) to Waterloo St, Surry Hills and crowded into Izakaya Fujiama, where we ate and drank up a sake storm to celebrate an incredible year. Wow, what knockout of a night. Sayonara 2014. KE-ZU_CHRISTMAS_PARTY_2014 99 KE-ZU_CHRISTMAS_PARTY_2014 (11) KE-ZU_CHRISTMAS_PARTY_2014  100 KE-ZU_CHRISTMAS_PARTY_2014  301