KE-ZU_newsletter_Images_Simo_amend Melbourne Indesign 2014 (see our campaign from August 2013 here) is all about collaboration and designer stories.  Matched by our mutual love of wood, we’ve partnered with Tongue n Groove in Melbourne’s Richmond and it’s easy to see why: not only are they a great bunch of people, they’re also industry leaders in timber flooring.  The incredible Tongue n Groove showroom is to be transformed for the two-day event with styling collaboration by our Lidia and Yael with Francesca from Tongue n Groove. You’ll be able to navigate your way to KE-ZU at Tongue n Groove [575 Church Street] by using the Melbourne Indesign 2014 map and smartphone app. [caption id="attachment_9916" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Jaime Hayon and his design: the bd Barcelona Low Lounger Jaime Hayon and his design: the bd Barcelona Low Lounger[/caption] [caption id="attachment_9918" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Oscar Tusqets and friend Salvador Dali with Tusquets' design: Fontal for Expormim Oscar Tusquets and friend Salvador Dali with Tusquets' design: Fontal for Expormim[/caption] We’re taking the opportunity to launch two brands new to KE-ZU: Expormim and Parachilna with furniture and lighting from Jaime Hayon and  Oscar Tusquets. We’ve added other new pieces by Jaime Hayon for bd Barcelona and Bernhardt Design then set it all off with designs by Eerio Aarnio and JM Ferrero for Vondom. ke-zu instagram competition2 When you do manage attend at some point over the Friday or Saturday, make sure you take part in our Instagram competition – we love a giveaway and this year you could take home one of the collectable Jaime Hayon Gardenias vases!  Snap a photo of your favourite product and check for details at the Tongue n Groove showroom!