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Habitus Living, the Australian platform which regularly delivers design news from the Asia Pacific region travelled a little further recently and set their inspired cross-hair on Yonoh Studio, the multidisciplinary creative studio comprised of Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma.

Not only acknowledging their good looks, Habitus have taken a look at their favourite designs from Yonoh Studio ,which include Sancal’s Sumo Sofa, and LZF Lamps’ Pleg and Chou Lights, all available from KE-ZU.  The Yonoh Studio catalogue shows a deep design aptitude through diversity of product, the Spaniards have worked with a large range of high end manufacturers from all over the world to create their dense portfolio.

You can see the full Habitus article on the talented pair here.

Sumo by Yonoh Estudio for Sancal Sumo by Yonoh Estudio for Sancal
Chou by Yonoh Studio for LZF Lamps


Pleg by Yonoh Studio for LZF Lamps Pleg by Yonoh Studio for LZF Lamps
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