THE WOOD COLLECTOR_BLOG There is no question that Lzf Lamps have mastered the art of wood. Their lighting products use and manipulate this natural material, allowing us to appreciate its inherent beauty and admire its strength and agility. Thus it came as no surprise to discover that Lzf are the brains behind The Wood Collector -  a calm and sincere blog devoted solely to the admiration of wood in all its forms. It is like a metaphorical expansion of Lzf's lighting products. Sandro, co-founder of Lzf Lamps explains his fascination with wood:
That it gets old and gnarly with age! Seriously though, it’s like a feather duvet in winter, it’s about comfort, homeliness, warmth. Everything that we love about furniture, architecture, nature: it is all related to wood. It’s the craftsmanship, the know-how of how to work with this anarchic natural material. You have to understand the material to make something from it. You can't just pour it into a mould, you have to select it, love it, it has uniqueness, individuality and in a way you must respect it for it to work with you.
There can be a lot of time well spent at The Wood Collector, its contents peacefully forcing a kind of soulful reflection by conveying such a passionate story.