Cement-Wood-lamps-Decha-Archjananun-pour-Specimen-Editions-2 The Cement Wood Lamp provides the perfect balance between the coarse cold texture of concrete and the warmth and softness of wood by effortlessly combining the two contrasting materials. This is the first design by Decha Archjananun available through KE-ZU.  This flourishing Thai designer delivers the Cement Wood Lamp under the Thinkk Studio brand for French label Spécimen Éditions. Cement-Wood-lamps-Decha-Archjananun-pour-Specimen-Editions-3 Cement-Wood-lamps-Decha-Archjananun-pour-Specimen-Editions-5 Cement-Wood-lamps-Decha-Archjananun-pour-Specimen-Editions-7 Archjananun, who won the Elle Deco Thailand ‘Young Designer of the Year‘ 2012-2013 award, utilises the beautifully brutal material of concrete, and softens its bulk and weight by introducing the warmth of ash wood in a perfectly harmonized relationship.
The exciting suspension light holds true to the philosophy of Spécimen Éditions  
 The story of each piece of furniture begins by a love for the world from which it comes, its grace, and its materials which arouse wonderful feeling
… Cement Wood expertly combines two manufacturing techniques, wood lathing and thin walled concrete casting to arrive at the suggestive shape it holds. These techniques allow both materials to be manipulated for the top and bottom materials to be inverted. Cement-Wood-lamps-Decha-Archjananun-pour-Specimen-Editions-6 Cement-Wood-lamps-Decha-Archjananun-pour-Specimen-Editions-1 The cement portion of the Cement Wood lamp is available in both a natural colour and red. It is suspended by slim textile cables in both red and black that are easily adjusted for height. Cement Wood is perfect for both the residential and contract markets and is neutral in any setting. This uber-cool light arrives in the KE-ZU showroom next week, and will be added to our stock program in May!