MMM - Shu Shu Shu Shu Sugartown....


After a week of Sydney’s overcast, rainy skies and a few furrowed brows and hopeful queries of “Is that the end of Summer?!”, the clouds have parted and Autumn is in full swing for the start of our working week.

To mark this natural occasion, and to further cement the smiles on our dials, we thought Nancy Sinatra’s Sugartown was entirely appropriate.

Recorded in the swingin’ 60’s (1966 to be precise), Sugartown is not only a catchy tune but famous for its comical feud between columnist Walter Winchell and the songs writer, Lee Hazewood; Winchell stated Sugartown “Had the worst lyrics of any top 10 song”, Hazelwood rebuffed with “Hey, I spent a lotta time writing a bad lyric like that! The words are as stupid as I could get ‘em”.

Love it or hate it, we’re enjoying it today and hope you do too!


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