You’ll often find Patricia Urquiola has poured a portion of herself into any project she has undertaken.  Reading and watching interviews with the Spanish product designer about any of her projects reveals many anecdotes and memories that have provided inspiration for the incredible work her studio produces. A wonderful insight into Urquiola’s methods and personal life is captured in this film by Matthew Donaldson.  Urquiola speaks from her home and studio in Milan about her career, gender roles in design, her mentor Italian designer Achille Castiglioni (February 26, 1918 - December 2, 2002) and her home life. Urquiola resides in her “casa bottega” (translating from Italian to ‘home shop’), and the video takes the viewer through the studio and residence, full of beautiful designs bearing her own name, including EMU's Re-Trouve chair, available at KE-ZU. A master of the field, the video is available on Nowness and is a must-see!

In Residence: Patricia Urquiola on