[caption id="attachment_7940" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Sancal & Vondom products from KE-ZU. Specified by The Source Room"][/caption]
Top Ryde City in north-west Sydney has been revamped by The Source Room. We provided a swag of Vondom planters and Sancal’s Boomerang Chill Chair to assist with the redesign of the shopping centre’s rest areas. Over 30 Vondom planters of varying sizes were installed around the centre, helping to separate space and provide an injection of greenery and life. The diamond pattern and deep hues of the Vases Macetero by JM Ferrero and the Centro Alto by Studio Vondom complement the contemporary shape of the Boomerang Chill chair by Quim Larrea. Scattered throughout the shopping centre, the Vondom and Sancal products are perfect for the new-look space with their clean lines and formal simplicity. We think they look great, don’t you?! For other installation images, see our Facebook album here.