The name and works of prolific surrealist painter Salvador Dali are set to be remembered throughout time. A pioneer of surrealism, larger than life Dali often depicted items of furniture within his paintings. Holding the exclusive license to recreate said pieces is Spanish manufacturer and KE-ZU supplier bd Barcelona and we are pleased to introduce Xai, the latest addition to the Dali collection. Forming part of the painting Interpretive Project for a Stable-Library of 1942, is a sheep-come-bedside table which now, with the approval of the Gala Salvador Dalí Foundation, has been reproduced as a limited edition collection. Only 20 white and 1 black are available. As with Dali's other works for bd Barcelona, Xai was created with the help of  Oscar Tusquets and Parisian taxidermist Deyrolle’s, a 170-year old establishment on rue du Bac (now famously featured in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris) and perhaps not so coincidentally, the same place where Dali produced his sculpture work. We don’t want to start counting sheep and start nodding off, however  Xai  are selling rather quickly, and with only 20 white and 1 black available, you wouldn’t want to sleep on it.