It seems that luck is falling our way this week!  With Chinese New Year landing today, we transition from year of the water snake to year of the wooden horse. It’s with luck then that we have our own horse en route to become our mascot for the proceeding year!  Our little mate Rosinante is coming to join the KE-ZU family, perhaps as our new mascot.  Rosinante is the rocking horse which forms part of the Vondom kids collection.  He gets his name from the fictional horse character belonging to Don Quixote – our Spanish-speaking employees inform us was a staple on their reading shelves as children.  All this horsing around reminds us of our post many moons ago about our favourite Brazilian Girl Sabina - who very excitingly is releasing her new album shortly! So in our own little round-about way, we’re rocking out to Chinese New Year!   Wishing anybody celebrating Chinese New Year a great day, and an even better year.  Giddy up!