Ghost, the latest creation from Spanish rug manufacturer nanimarquina is hauntingly beautiful. Designed by Marti Guixé, the man who brought us News and Extended, this rug features black and white motifs of birds, flowers, horses and deers, which like ghosts weave in and out of sight. Released this month at Imm Cologne, Ghost is a modern take on a classic Kerman carpet, which originated in 15th Century Persia. Kerman rugs feature curvilinear dense all-over floral patterns and boast intricate reproductions of painted masterworks.  Guixé says of the piece
I worked on a small part each day, sometimes painting during the day and sometimes at night… the graphic arrhythmias reflect my different moods over a period of three months of work and give Ghost a touch of mysticism
Ghost will soon be available at KE-ZU.