In a world where we so often dream and fantasise yet are swiftly forced to return to reality, it’s nice to find a middle ground where reality can almost be the dream. This is where these two designers’ works shine.  Cutting out the middle ground between sketch and prototype, these furniture pieces are created from a sketch, and constructed using steel to look like a rough drawing or rendering.  Their magic lies in the assimilation between dream and reality – both of which are esquisse and beautiful. Daigo Fukawa designed and built his collection “Rough Sketch Products” for his 2013 major project at Tokyo University of the Arts and utilizes different colours in softened saturation to represent a pen erratically pouring ideas for furniture onto a page.   The result is furniture which flies between dream and reality which leaves us pinching themselves! South Korean designer Jinil Park has created “Drawing Series”, a collection of denser furniture and accessories which appear to be born from a steadier hand holding a determined felt-tip of strong black and red.  Drawing Series was exhibited from September to November at Gwangju Design Bienale South Korea. Fully functional as sound furniture pieces, both collections are currently not available for sale; even though we’d love to get our hands on some!