For 40 years, Spanish manufacturer Sancal has been assisting spaces around the world to reach their full potential of style and comfort by providing high-quality, well-designed furniture pieces and after forty years they’ve set their sights on themselves – redesigning the factory to include small showroom areas and commissioning large scale murals by various artists, designing dining rooms and new "spots" throughout the space!

Opening the factory in Yecla, Spain to artist Agostino Iacurci, the manufacturer commissioned the muralist who’s main goal was two fold; portraying how important design is to Sancal, and to
focus attention on the little actions and objects that enable large things to be made.
The result is an inspirational tour for customers and collaborators, “destined to surprise.” says Sancal, further:
Three incredible murals, fun signs and four micro-showrooms have been dreamt up to brighten our worker’s spaces and communicate just how central design is to our philosophy. The incredible mural of Agostino Iacurci represents the dignity and knowhow of the artisan, while presenting traditional European industries as heritage to be conserved. The circus-like figures of Ricardo Cavolo remind us that we are large family worth celebrating. The forty masks of Zosen show the passage of time, the face of success and failure, happiness and the problems that we face on a daily basis.

A previously dark corridor was transformed by London based Spanish artist Ricardo Cavolo, brightening and restyling the dining room entrance and upholstery section of the building.  The energetic work providing a new and interesting space to discover the premise of the Sancal brand, they say:

The circus touch applied to the mural characters perfectly fits in Sancal’s every day. A company, with 70 workers and who regularly deals with a greater number of people, may be closer to a circus: Design magicians, accountants on trapezes, hefty brawny sales representatives, tamer workers or managers with two heads…

A grey brick wall, traditionally used as glass support and warehouse, is now a stunning colourful wall which celebrates the passage of time while brightening up the lacquering and assembling employees’ every day by Zosen.  A passionate heart, a cash register, some little devils, an ice-cream cone, an igloo, a hamburguer, some pyramids and vegetables are only some objects created by Zosen and which express the various stages and moods experienced by the company along its history.

Not only do we wish Sancal a very happy birthday, and many happy returns; we also celebrate their new space!  Well done Sancal!