At 80 years young, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Yoko Ono’s dancing.  She’s got enviable moves (and legs) of girls a quarter her age!  Waving the flag higher than some for wearing hotpants, “Ono” becomes “O’yes” in this vid for the first single from The Plastic Ono Band’s latest release Take Me to the Land of Hell – produced by Yoko and John Lennon’s son Sean. Following in Paul McCartney’s footsteps (his latest release stars Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Kate Moss and a whole heap of other celeb mates) the vid features an all-star cast of questionably poor dancers who work with the lyrics to makes myself feel more at home on the dance floor and less like Seinfeld’s Elaine.
Place your bets Watch your step I’m a bad dancer With no regrets Break a leg Cut the thread I’m a bad dancer Full speed ahead
… is the mantra for Yoko’s latest mission, prying self-conscious disco goer’s back to the dancefloor and it’s a big KE-ZU tick from us.