With December looming all around us we’re hearing the words “Gee is it that time of year already?”  “Doesn’t time fly”; and it most truly does in our current fast paced world. This is why Phillip K. Smith III has taken to a small shack just outside of Joshua Tree, California for his latest art installation Vision Stead. Vision Stead is a collaboration of sorts with a 70 year old shack which sits amongst the Californian desert.  Smith has maintained the shack in its original form for the project, cladding it in mirror, allowing it to reflect the desert day in its slow changing form.  By night, the shack is a projected light installation where LED lighting showcases parts of shack not visible to the naked eye – it’s internal construction structure that has supported it all these years.  The voids become fields of light which slowly move through the colour wheel. Smith says the purpose of both facets of the installation is
about tapping into the desert, into the pace of change, and is about responding to the quiet of the place.  Ultimately in that quiet the project begins to unfold… the project is about slowing down and coming to the desert to tap into the pace of change and about stopping and being quiet so that you can truly see and listen.
A truly fabulous project; as intriguing as it is beautiful.