Vondom’s Chemistubes takes inspiration from sterile science laboratories and utilises decontextualization (what a great word!) to reinterpret the classic chemist tube into a versatile vase and planter which can easily feel at home in any space.

By increasing the size and scale, the pieces transform themselves into fun, functional specimens for the home and office, bringing with them a playfulness not often associated with science.   Designer Teresa Sapey (read more about other projects here) has opened the toolbox of Vondom materials and changed the original chemist tube glass composition to a resin of rotational-moulded polyethylene; an ecological product serving its purpose to hold strong colour, and to house the necessary equipment to illuminate the product.  Yes, Chemistubes also holds the ability to illuminate.  It’s just too much fun.

Available lacquered, in varied colours or with a built-in lighting component these unique vessels are suited to residential, commercial and hospitality applications both indoors and out.   Chemistubes in all its specifiable colour and lighting options are available at KE-ZU.