Whatever Christmas may be to you, be it long haul drives to relatives, backyard cricket, over-catered lunch – there’s no doubt that at some point we all get a well deserved sit down and some relax time with friends and family.  Well, relaxing is generally the idea; more often than not the day can be riddled with stress, from burnt food, drunk uncles and a lack of seating.

There isn’t much we can do to save you from the first two issues here, but the latter is a cinch.  In anticipation of the silly season we’ve ordered extra Sail chairs. Designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, manufactured by Andreu World and awarded a Red Dot Design Award in 2012, Sail is the perfect chair to ensure that everyone on the day has a place at the table, be it indoor or outdoor – rain, hail or shine.

The Sail profile lends itself to far more than just its shapely aesthetic – the slender and lightweight frame provides a comfortable place for the bums of family and friends as its back rest is shaped to conform to the human body.  Better yet, they stack up to 10 chairs high for easy storage and preparedness. Get in quick, either that or I may start making ‘Sail’ puns, like “Sail in and seas a Sail chair for yourself”.  Ugh.