A somewhat favourite amongst (the female) KE-ZU staff and given his numerous awards and standing amongst the wider design industry a favourite elsewhere also, Konstantin Grcic again collaborated with bd Barcelona, this time to present Bench B – an addition to the wider ‘Extrusions’ Collection.   Bench B has just arrived in the country and is available for viewing in the KE-ZU Showroom! Available in two sizes; as single bench or a 6 metre longer bench, Bench B is perfect for the contract market, conceived for public and hospitality spaces.  It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications and comes in many a different form by way of colour specification of its aluminum structure and upholstery and arm options.  "I think we have created a kit of parts which can be turned into very different typologies or uses of this bench". Grcic says.

Visible references and a nod to the great Mies van der Rohe came from the initial cross-shaped leg of cast aluminium, not dissimilar to that of the famous Barcelona Chair of 1929.   Konstantin says of this reference:
What is interesting in this bench is that it makes a reference to a very famous piece of furniture, which is called the Barcelona Chair.  I think it’s interesting to make these references in design, design is not about inventing new things all the time design is an evolution of things.   So this famous chair designed by Mies van der Rohe, we pick it up so many years later and make it in a completely different way, in terms of technology but turning it into a more systematic product.

The differences come in the ergonomics of the framed structure and utilisation of aluminium extrusions, formed by a sum of its parts as noted above, Bench B comprises many pieces of the vogue metal to form the modern extruded adaptation - hence its part in the aptly named collection which incorporates a table and a side table. Side Table B is however made of one piece of architectural concrete to aesthetically match the outdoor version of Table B.  Side Table B works with a visual weight which compliments the long strokes of Bench B, weighting the two together for an encompassing collection of furniture.