Leaving the novelty oversized whisks, chef hats, terracotta pots and sunflowers behind, Californian artist has revolutionised child photography, whilst smartly using sleeping children thus ensures circumventing the creative code of not working with animals and children! The innocence of children and their fantasy world is so proudly displayed in Californian Queenie Liao’s latest photography exhibition Wengenn in Wonderland.   The piece is a compilation of photographs that delve into dreams of her son.   Utilising a little creativity and probably a slight of touch, Queenie assembles the shoot with some clothes, sheets, teddy bears and other props to the endearing scenarios she then photographs Wengenn in. Although we can never truly know what children dream about, these gems offer perhaps what we wish they would be, or perhaps what ours could be - flowers and butterflies, colored trains, towers of books, bunnies and castles, and trips to the moon; perfect to follow the Halloween night of scares!