I adore the United States.  Further, I love California… in fact, so much so that in homage I had the outline of The Golden State etched into my skin last time I visited.  In an ode to perhaps the only decent song featuring the word “California” save for 2Pac’s California Love, some could say that I’m California dreamin’… Alas, this dream turned into a nightmare when the tireless KE-ZU Director Mark seemingly innocently forwarded me the YouTube clip below with the subject line “Maybe toooo tacky?”.   “I don’t believe in too tacky” I responded, and so this video sees the light of day!  David Lee Roth of Van Halen fame taking The Beach Boys’ classic California Girls and­ quite simply annihilating it. Misspelling the word “girls” on purpose could perhaps have come from a bout of sunstroke (or funstroke) for Katy Perry.  Classifying it in the same category, it dawned on me recently that there’s another song of the same name as The Beach Boys’ and Roth’s, with almost equally as tacky a film clip as the latter - remembering here that ‘tacky’ can be defined as either a positive or a negative – take the time to enjoy Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” feat. Snoop Dogg.