In today’s fast world where we are constantly available never before have we so relished the opportunity for privacy, for quiet; a time to reflect and recharge. The flip side of this coin is that never before have we been so flexible with our work, carrying on more business outside of the regular office model than ever before - we’re constantly out of the office and on the go. With design working to fill our needs it seems natural that furniture take steps to offer us this sense of privacy isolation not only in the home but also in public spaces.  We’re now beginning to see furniture pieces which respond to these needs in an uber cool way, utlising shape, colour and form as their building blocks to present a new wave of furniture.

Enter Float, by Karim Rashid for Spanish manufacturer Sancal.  Float serves a sofa and a screen. It is a contemporary couch designed for multiple purposes and available in a multitude of colour combinations. The slim floating seat with incorporated option of high or low back wall provides complete privacy in open spaces.  The added benefit of the back is its ability to hang a scarf or coat on, or simply wait in your own universe in the secluded area offered by its height.

Recently installing them in a new hospital in the Netherlands, Casper Schwarz, interior designer with C4ID International gave thought to how visitors to the facility should feel upon entering the space.  His priorities were to provide confidence in the medical profession, promote self-respect and non-confrontational attitudes.   Forming an integral part of the design is Float, using the sofa not only as a room divider, but also as a way for patients to relax privately.   Watch Rashid discuss Float in the video below.

Also responding to our needs of seclusion, Bernhardt Design released Code by Jang Won Yoon.  The latest in the efforts for solitude in public spaces, Code hit the design market hard at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York City in May. The modules’ high backs and sides provide seclusion by blocking sound and prying eyes. “It’s so simple, it disappears like architecture” says Bernhardt Design president Jerry Helling.  Code consists of eleven modules that juxtapose both openness and enclosure. Freestanding lounges, loveseats and sofas are perfect for casual social zones, while taller units with built-in upholstered walls can create pockets of privacy in any space.

These two wonderful pieces of course are not the only foray into the privacy game.  Also available at KE-ZU is Kenneth Cobonpue’s Suzy Wong (who doesn’t remember this Blog post and our Photoshop job below?!).

All of the above collections are available at KE-ZU and currently have a model of Float available in the showroom for viewing!