There’s talent, and then there’s talent.  On the talent scale, Neri&Hu, the Shanghai based multi-disciplinary Design and Research Office (even sounds great, doesn’t it) the scope of their work makes them living legends. Neri&Hu’s work spans architecture, interior, master planning, graphic, and product design services and each project is a step in the direction of greatness.  Currently working heavily internationally, their name is synonymous with cutting edge design, which bears a softness of Asian creatives so often seen in music and film of the region. Neri&Hu are very quickly gaining notoriety within the design community as leaders in design process.  They believe strongly in utilizing research as a design tool, and as such, each project they turn their hand to holds its own collection of deeper thinking and contextual issues – understanding the Neri&Hu process is integral to appreciating their exemplary design work. On that note, KE-ZU is pleased to announce our new collection of furniture designed by Neri&Hu for design manufacturer De La Espada.  De La Espada is a design-conscious manufacturer of modern solid wood furniture, founded in 1993.

The collection represents a fresh aesthetic that grows from cultural context and spans chairs, barstools, a sofa, various tables and accessories such as a vanity and a mirror.  The work utilises raw materials and thoroughly examines industrial design history and its growth, assisting the viewer to understand the pieces designed by Neri&Hu for De La Espada and excitingly, now available at KE-ZU.