Design Week Mexico, 9 days of design, 103 events and more than 1,000 participants and kicks off this week! Celebrating its fifth year, DWM was launched in 2009 by a group of professionals with a simple, but very touch aim; to position Mexico among the design capitals of the world, and support and nurture up and coming Mexican designers. So far they’ve set quite the high standard and reputation throughout the design community and 2013 looks set to improve that standing even further.   Learning and growing from the past, DWM achieves growth each year, not only achieving their primary aims vernacularly, but adding more international partners annually.

Teaser Design Week México 2013 from Design Week Mexico on Vimeo.

Taking Mexico’s design culture and community and projecting it to an international spotlight, DWM 2013 is jam packed full of goodies and personalities, no doubt continuing to spark the interest of the larger design community.  With speakers such as Nanimarquina, Rossana Hu, Tatiana Bilbao, Bethan Wood, guest country Brazil, Design House 2013, the annual design race and so much more (remember there’s 103 events!). We are particularly looking forward to seeing Neri&Hu’s inspirational collaboration with the godfather of Mexican design, Luis Barragan. Neri&Hu Design and Research Office, is an inter-disciplinary award-winning architectural design practice based in Shanghai, China. Founded by Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu, the emphatic designers behind many collections available at KE-ZU.    DWM’s press release states: “In the Luis Barragan+Neri&Hu exhibit at the Mexican Museum of Modern Art, visitors will make their way down a dark corridor lined with pigeon holes, through which they will peek to see sketches, models and other displays that recreate living spaces. As visitors walk through the corridor, they will unveil the secrets behind the wall. Revaluing the wall to create an introspective and intimate atmosphere was one of Barragan’s most important contributions to architecture. One of his most famous premises was:   “Before inhabiting space, man has to inhabit himself.” Under that principle, the body becomes a screen to understand the world as owning the space remains a constant concern. Lyndon Neri & Rossan Hu have questioned the foundations of the house typology and have transcended these to the public space, creating massive but controlled scenarios.  The room was always an impression of life. A print that could take many forms, but always leave traces, signals, vestiges and always remain unfinished.  Inhabiting a space requires exploration in order to discover its secrets. The value of this exhibit relies on how it places Luis Barragan in an international context and presents his influence on a foreigner’s vision.” An exciting and inspirational exhibit no doubt.  Continuing on their mission to accompany DWM to greater heights, Neri&Hu have opened the doors to their factory for acclaimed filmmaker Juriaan Booij to masterfully craft the video below.  A stunning piece set to whet any appetite.

De La Espada Factory from De La Espada on Vimeo.

DWM is making a Mexican getaway even more appealing – but for those in the United States or the sophisticated Northern Americas it’s a not to be missed event!