Creativity is a wondrous thing.  Creativity so often is about process, as importantly as it is about the result.  Often we only get to see a finished product as the artist would allow us to see, but think about this… what if the process was the art itself and a different artist used somebody else’s creative process to adapt into their own art?  Wait, did that make sense?  I’m talking in riddles.   Let me clarify as best I can. Theopolous London, a Trinidadian–born American rapper from Brooklyn took to R&B soul singer Tweet’s 2002 hit single Oops (Oh My) with an electronica axe and chopping about the beat and sexually driven lyrics to become his own, in a whole new light.  Right, so song sounds good and onto the video… adaptive reuse point 1.  For point 2, videographer Yu Tsai incorporated some very sexy backstage-style footage of Lindsay Lohan (yes!) being photographed for a Muse Magazine shoot and used it to piece together the sultry video to accompany the song.  You see, utilizing process for a new outcome.  Reuse and recycle! What a great way to upcycle creativity, using snippets and pieces from creatives around the world to form a new tapestry and of course, any excuse to see LiLo giving off her best ‘F.U.’ eyes is alright in our books.