Taking the “Because I said so” argument of parents at the dinner table the world over and extinguishing its relevance, Ryan Romanes applied thought to the needs of our next generation when designing his Urban Survival Pack. The idea is that the entire pack can be engaged with by children and adults alike. The 20cm square kit is designed to be waterproof; contained inside are 12 cardboard tubes of varying sizes containing emergency equipment, gardening utensils, seeds and seed raising mixture.  The smaller tubes are intended to be re-used as miniature pot plants – growing ones own food provides children with a sense of ‘garden to plate’ and could assist them to start loving their greens.
The Urban Survival pack aims to implement new behavioural habits from a young age. The gardening pack not only teaches children about where their food comes from, it also gives them a sense of ownership, responsibility and most importantly entrepreneurship.
Says Romanes. The Urban Survival Pack teaches kids that their food matters, chain of command, patience of gardening, urban renewal and so much more.  It’s also really beautiful.   The Pack is a great response to the rise of high-density living, and proves no matter what space, time, money or land is available, the Urban Survival Pack can be used to its full potential.  On another note, it also helps to ease some of this writer’s anxiety when it comes to the zombie apocalypse; at least I’ll have veggies.