Yes!  It carries on!  Check out some of our favourite pieces which featured this week on The KE-ZU Wishlist!

Bernhardt Design - Chiara

With its simple and smooth lines, the chair “Chiara” will fit into many configurations, adapted to the professional world as a daily use, this pure design creation wants discreet and functional.   The designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance says, “I was seeking to design a chair, which its lines will flow right under your eyes without any disturbance. A shape thanks to its proportions and its design fits as much as possible its duty and position. Chiara also calls to mind a deep comfort, and on a second thought offers a dreamlike dimension, a vision of a feather or a petal form which it got its inspiration. Chiara’s discretion is finally making it necessary”.
MIR is an attractive and innovative continuous public area seating system. 'Molecular' in concept and commencing with an upholstered round seat unit available with or without a centrally positioned back support module, it can grow offshoot benches and expand in one, two or three directions to 'dock' with other circular seat units or benches in a given layout. Individual 'satellite' stools can 'orbit' freely around the arrangement. MIR offers the designer full rein in creating different shapes of layout and the opportunity to 'play' with fabric both colour and texture.