Much like fashion, each season furniture is released by manufacturers reflecting current trend and style emerging from within the fast world of furniture.   Across the many annual furniture fairs across the globe, new pieces are released which push forward the boundaries of what is relevant to the modern design climate. Every so often however there is a new furniture piece or collection which surprises; a design not only intriguing or interesting but stands out from the crowd as a truly unique number.   We’ve seen a few of these of recent times, a design which drops from a manufacturer ready to buck the trend; a real gem in this current tender economic climate of furniture design which leaves us licking our lips with excitement. The most recent to provide this sort of exhilaration in the Zu showroom is the Peacock planter by Spanish manufacturer Vondom.   By definition, the Peacock is proud, flaunting its beauty with an ‘up yours’ attitude not dissimilar from the coathangers strutting down the catwalk around the globe.   In designer Eero Aarnio’s first piece for Vondom he has created a curious and somewhat cheeky planter begging for a tail to complete his show. Constructed from high-density polyethylene, Peacock is an easy piece to fall into the repertoire of the prolific Finnish designer – his infamous Ball and Bubble chairs of the 1960’s and his uber-pop designs since tell a story of their own.  Aarnio welcomes Peacock into the fold as the latest plastic piece ready to flaunt itself anywhere that deserves an impact and possibly a new friend.  The exciting piece is available in four finishes and a variety of colours, can include RGB colour changing LED lights to illuminate at night and can even include a self-watering system – a Peacock for everybody you could say. Recently, the first Peacock arrived in Australia.  Keeping close eye on the Sydney Indesign visitors entering the KE-ZU showroom, our two Peacock’s put on a spectacular show utilising plants from Terrace Outdoor Plants; their sheer size and ability to wow a crowd ensured their pride of place at the front of the Zu Showroom – a popular component to the KE-ZU & Yellowtrace campaign. Peacock is of course available now from KE-ZU – come in and meet our new friend for yourself.