The KE-ZU Wishlist continues!  The little hearts are slowly disappearing as we continue to present the new products we displayed for Sydney Indesign. Follow us on Facebook. Look for the white heart logo. The following sums up Week 2!

Bernhardt Design - Duet.

With the evolving, shrinking office in mind, designer Joe Doucet set out to create a well-crafted, smaller-scale conference chair that would blend in with and complement the room and table. His sophisticated Duet chair is the result.

Sancal - Elephant

Nadadora Studio surprises us again with a fresh vision for small, yet essential pieces.  This time they have chosen time-enduring finishes like oak, copper, graphite, wool, linen and cotton to round out the family of products so darn cute and aptly named, Elephant.

Vondom - Peacock

By definition, the Peacock is proud, flaunting its beauty with an ‘up yours’ attitude not dissimilar from the coathangers strutting down the catwalk around the globe.   In designer Eero Aarnio’s first piece for Vondom he has created a curious and somewhat cheeky planter begging for a tail to complete his show.

bd Barcelona - Showtime Lounge

Taking colour selection beyond bold lacquers, this model introduces the option of walnut veneer paired with suede upholstery options - taking the aesthetic  to exciting new levels.  Adding into the larger Showtime collection by Jaime Hayon, this soon-to-be-classic is the perfect addition to any space, be it commercial or residential.  A personal favourite of this writer - swoooon!

Sancal - Talo

The result of Sancal’s first collaboration with Sebastian Herkner, Talo takes a new approach to the traditional small armchair. Discreet and distinctive, the design is a departure from all others, yet retaining a familiar form. Talo is extraordinarily comfortable, making it the ideal piece.