Over the next 49 days we will be posting a product a day, all of the new products we displayed for Sydney Indesign. Follow us on Facebook. Look for the white heart logo. See the first few products posted this week! Slim from Fluvia. Award winning minimalist LED task lamp with touch dimmer by designer Josep LLusca. 'Mirador' modular sofa by Lievore, Altherr & Molina for Bernhardt Design. The ultimate designer sofa with 63 different modules inspiring endless configurations. Lievore, Altherr, Molina’s “New Brandy” for Andreu World is a collection of designer chairs and armchairs made with an upholstered structure Utilising flexible foam and with wood or metal bases. With a wide variety of versions and combinations, New Brandy is designer office furniture at its best. Wood base or metal bases with central swivel, four legs, sled and cantilever versions. Castors and height adjustable versions also available. Finally, the domino effect in lighting, a chain of self supporting squares falling into a ring of light. This new proposal by Irish designer Ray Power for Lzf creates a domino circle caught in a constant state of gravity defiant falling. This new designer lighting was a hit at Sydney Indesign. Keep an eye out for the next 45 products to come.