Finding inspiration for design is a pretty common occurrence.  Relating to something and adapting it for your own project is standard fare across the board in the design world. Industrial designers Thierry Boltz and Claude Saos from Strasbourg, France intended their range of bicycles to reflect their love of design, utilising wood, steel and leather, the materials they equally love.   Being industrial designers and not satisfied with the current products available, they set out to create a bicycle different from anything else on the market. Named WOOD.b (great name right?), the inspiration for WOOD.b (available from next month) came from Scandinavian furniture and Italian cars from the ’30s and ’40s.  A subject well worthy of drawing inspiration and the references are clearly visible, not only in its material components.     Formed by smooth, straight lines, a visible sense of strength and a strong focus on manufacture, WOOD.b is set to become the must-have bike for the bicycle-mad European (and Sydney?) streets. When available next month, the flat-packed WOOD.b will be custom-made for its owner. You’ll be able to choose wood from ash, beech, mahogany and rosewood and match with a selection of over 15 colours for the steel components, impressive!  With the equally impressive price tag of around $3,300, this’ll be the bicycle you certainly lock up at the local café.