Have you ever been to a party and thought you’d shake your groove thing, more than likely drink in hand, quite sure that you’re about to absolutely carve a mean rug? Well I have. The offending song which sparks such irrevocable behavior and provides such delight to the beholder is invariably Dee-Lite’s one-hit wonder Groove is in the Heart. And isn’t it ever… at times. The 1990 song, which undoubtedly led the way for the decade to follow, has worked its way (how I’m unsure – but these little KE-ZU mysteries I prefer to keep that way) onto our showroom playlist. In amongst the various soul, jazz, and electro-swing that usually fills the showroom this little gem adds a bit of flavour to the day. Being privy to the preparations for KE-ZU’s Sydney In Design campaign, let me tell you, groove is definitely in the heart here today and will be over the weekend!