May we take the time to introduce one of our new suppliers, Chorus FurnitureChorus Furniture hails from the UK, and the expressive manufacturer houses two designers creating communicative and evocative pieces now available in Australia.  Fated to become a popular name in the fickle market of contemporary furniture, the Chorus Furniture maxim is to ‘create, manufacture and supply highly useful, functional contemporary furniture designs of impeccable quality’.  With pieces conceived from the minds and hands of Chorus designers Simon Pengelly and Mark Gabbertas, there can be no doubt about the legitimacy of the furniture being presented. If you don’t know them already, Simon Pengelly is a name synonymous with contemporary design in the UK and internationally, he is an award winning industrial designer with a deep sense of the current market.  He told Arper Magazine:
There are few things more exciting and interesting to me than being able to influence markets with quiet design, a statement which to some would seem a contradiction in terms, as ‘quiet’ often goes unnoticed. Paradoxically, the quiet products are often those that most people feel comfortable with. Along with this realisation comes the opportunity to influence society by appealing to the masses, rather than the few.
His partner at Chorus, Mark Gabbertas approaches design with a different perspective, spending years as an account manager at the iconic advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.  Gabbertas says his design objective is:
To produce innovative and elegant designs that owe nothing to the vagaries of fashion…. to stand the test of time and retain its freshness through an understanding of proportion, materials and production techniques.
Put these two minds together and what you have is a distinct mantra to create pieces which will hold strong design relevance with a solid confidence.

Currently available for viewing in the KE-ZU showroom is the Chorus Theo collection designed by Pengelly.   Theo gives a nod to the Scandinavian shape of the past, introducing noteworthy construction methods and aesthetics. Lightweight, strong and durable; Theo is an elegant multipurpose wood framed high density collection of veneered plywood, available as a sled based stacking chair, stool, bench or table.   The chair is offered with or without arms and holds exciting range of through specification and finish: available in natural Oak or Beech stains or solid colours with an optional upholstered seat pad. The useful addition of the seat pad adds colour to the chair and creates the option of mixing hues within a space.  Chair linking is also available as well as mobile stacking trolleys, which can accommodate up to 30 chairs high and still be wheeled through a standard doorway.

Suited for dining, meeting or conference use, Theo is strong, lightweight and durable, perfect for commercial and residential applications – holding multifunctional uses in each and creating an elegant aesthetic. Stay tuned for more Chorus Furniture products arriving soon!  The entire collection can be viewed here.