We just love a bit of creativity!  Our Sydney In Design preparations are keeping us busy and the creative juices flowing for the time being but we do love a good dose of external creativity!  This time, the creativity is manifested in inspirational quotes, graphically designed by the artist Ryan McArthur.  His minimalist designs make the words of authors and philosophers like Rumi and Oscar Wilde look better than ever. The series covers a range of topics from some of the worlds most prolific writers, included is Thomas Eddison, Leigh Hunt, Victor Hugo, Ralph Emerson and others. McArthur creates these uncomplicated, mostly monochromatic works by hand, illustrating with pen and ink and then digitally rendering the works.   He says:
I really wanted to find quotes that not only provided a great visual to play off of, but that speak to life in general
The prints are available on McArthur’s Etsy page here.