Back in primary school (not so recent years!) I was set a brief to construct something useful for the home from recycled materials.  I chose to make a telephone caddy, complete with space for notes and a pencil, this was made from off-cuts from the new fence that my parents had recently installed.   Needless to say, it was soon thrown in the bin. The beauty of this story comes now after seeing The Landfill Harmonic Orchestra (below).   Some immensely talented Paraguayans have found inspiration and taken initiative to create their own versions of mainstream musical instruments constructed from materials sourced from their landfill town – inspiring a group of children to beat the odds in the poverty stricken nation. And so the Landfill Orchestra was born.  Inspiring hope and making a sound for the children of Cateura, Paraguay, who now travel the world showcasing their talents.    The note below sums up the project better than we ever could: The music which emanates from these instruments is stunning and the talent of the members of the Orchestra is soon to be highlighted in a documentary slated for worldwide release in January 2014, hopefully inspiring other communities.   Beautiful. If anyone sees my telephone caddy, I’d like it back – who knows what it could be.