Ah yes.  The modern age.  So often it’s easy to charactise a decade – swinging 60’s, flapping 20’s, hippie 70’s etcetera.  What is our current age known for?  I dare say its probably going to be our lack of social interaction… Billi calls it “The Google Age”.  Google it. The start of a generation who are so connected to their computer, tablet and mobile phone that a clear benefit may be that nobody develops arthritis in the fingers…says me, tap tap tap away behind a computer monitor, hooked up to my MacBook, with my iPod and iPhone within reach… So often catching up over a drink with friends is not limited to catching up with your peers in such close proximity, it’s catching up with their friends and work – invited to the party by proxy through their mobile phone.   Let us not forget the constant barrage of images promoting well-plated food and a fresh schooner. Perhaps now this is a thing of the past and not before time. Let us introduce to you The Offline Glass. A collaboration between Mauricio Perussi, Mellisa Pottker and Fischer&Friends, the Offline Glass is a genius, simple play on the humble beer glass. It’s a fun (and electronically dangerous!) way to stop any friend from using their phone down at the local. It’s essentially just a glass with half of the bottom removed – therefore bringing gravity on side to ensure that unless you’ve wedged your mobile phone underneath it for balance, you’ve lost your beer and probably pissed off your mate who’s frantically wiping ale off their new threads with a wad of napkins. Naturally, there are ways to avoid actually placing your communication device under the glass, the use of napkins, a folded coaster or some peanut shells and so on, but I dare say that this is where the honesty policy comes in.  Art Director Mauricio Perussi says
The Offline Glass is just a funny way to annoy friends who only have eyes for their cellphones.
We couldn’t even begin to fathom what’s next in the race to save face-to-face interaction, but bring it on!