The coveted Red Dot Design Award is one of the highest accolades awarded our industry and undeniably the darling of the design world.   It comes as no surprise to us that the team at LZF Lamps have taken home two awards for their innovative High Fidelity campaign! Taking a fresh approach to communication and branding in product design, High Fidelity looked closely at the relationship between light, sound, graphics and form and this year presented the strong collection with a cocktail of graphic design, film and musical composure – the result stunning, and now LZF Lamps’ achievement cemented by the Red Dot Design stamp. Collecting awards in the categories of Branding and Sound – LZF sent out a special thank you to L.A. based Rithma Sounds and Lekuonastudios and The Own with whom they collaborated on sound, film and graphics respectively. Assessing over 6,000 entries from 43 countries – LZF’s shiny new Red Dot Design Awards are testament to a strong innovative conceptual operation in realising a collection of lighting products destined for success. KE-ZU has always been proud to present and supply LZF Lamps’ products to the Australian market, and are now pleased to congratulate our friends on their hard work in presenting the fresh High Fidelity campaign, and subsequent Red Dot Design Awards. All of the pioneering products from High Fidelity are available now.  You can view the collection here, the High Fidelity sounds can be found here and see our in-depth blog post on each product in the campaign here.