Taking inspiration from the local land and its produce is a fabulous concept for possibly the worlds coolest playground. This latest foray is the handiwork of landscape architecture and urban design firm Taylor Cullity Lethlean; taking to the design of the Australia’s National Arboretum Playground. It’s not before time that the playground is the latest area for the design world to take by storm. And why not? A place fostering creativity is surely destined to be overhauled by the creatives of the world – right?

Setting a new benchmark and losing the typical primary-coloured spirals and swirls of predicable and tiresome playgrounds past is the “Pod Playground” falling from the Canberran sky.  Officially opening on 22 June 2013, the Pod takes the conventional playground and flips it on its head, featuring giant acorn cubby houses inspired by the Arboretum’s 100 forests of rare and endangered trees. The purpose of the site is to educate children, engage them with the beauty of trees and foster life-long connections to the surrounding environment.  Engaging children and exciting adults – a cross-generational win/win! TCL’s senior landscape architect and friend of our Blog Editor Simon, Simone "just doodlin'" Bliss says, “Using the idea of seeds as the beginning life amongst the forest, children and their families can enter a fantasy world of exaggerated scales”. It’s almost out of a movie…where everybody plays a part.  Incredible!  We’re hoping that Sydney will follow suit … more fun, everywhere!