is not a website that we often find ourselves on.  But, the internet spun its wide web and so it was that we stumbled across a beautiful post titled “66 of the worlds most beautiful abandoned places”.   It even sparked our memory of visiting the airplane graveyard of Arizona – home to more than 4,000 retired military aircraft (shown above). Beautiful and insightful they are.  These are rare gems, left to their own devices and no doubt packed to the rafters with history and anecdotes from people we’ll never meet.   From all over the world, photographic pieces of places that time has forgotten but the lens has not.  We learnt a thing or two, scrolling down these pages of little corners of the earth left alone by people to do their thing in a world so often over-controlled. It’s hard to not think about the restorative and recyclable qualities that these places could hold. Working in a field dominated by design, we understand that the possibilities are endless, but that said – isn’t there something so magnetic about the isolation of these abandoned places? A few of our favourites are below.