After the success of our Spanish Film Festival night last week (see the blog post here) it inspired this Blog Editor to finally take the time to schlep down to the local video store and rent the two Xavier Dolan films which have been discussed between my friends over numerous bottles of wine and beers at the local pub. Whispers of Dolan’s talent have been thrown around so much that surely these films can’t be as good as purported?  But who is this Xavier Dolan?   Dolan is a Québécois child actor who turned his hand to directing his first feature film at the tender age of  21 – the film ai tué ma mère (I Killed My Mother) which one three awards at the Directors Fortnight at Cannes Film Festival is who. Putting the rest of us to shame with three more films under his belt and still only at 24 years of age, upon watching his first two in one sitting, both having themes of the heart, a strong clear message and highly biographical (both of which star Dolan himself) it’s hard not to find similarities in his writing, and film style to the cinematic master Woody Allen, and there’s nothing wrong with that. And so it is, the films are good and Dolan is immensely talented – perhaps this time the rumours are true?