The excitement of a new Sancal collection is unfathomable.  The Spanish manufacturer in their latest collections have had a keen focus on form, shape, colour and the most notable above all else – fun. The promotional material provided by Sancal help us to market their product to a wider and welcoming Australian audience, and assures us that Sancal is continually a part of the party (excuse the pun).  Slowly and surely Sancal had been releasing snippets from their latest catalogue, always with the assurance that it was around the corner. We can now breathe a colourful sigh of relief as The Yellow Book, the directory of Sancal products dropped recently and includes a throng of new photography which has us licking at our social media lips. The Yellow Book can be found here – without forgetting that all product is available at KE-ZU and nationally through our distribution network.  We are so looking forward to the new catalogue featuring Tierra, Sancal’s latest collection (information on Tierra available here)!. Fun right?