A reason to stop in New York City virtually doesn’t exist.  In a city so hurried and full of purpose, it was a treat for our Mark and Caron to stumble across such a wonder.  The one that managed such a feat was an installation worthy of taking that all-important NYC minute to marvel at its sheer size and beauty, the Fantastico installation by Spaniards Wanda Barcelona. And fantastic it was.  The darling of Park Avenue for the ICFF period was the Spaniards creation, suspended and illuminated in the famed window of the historical W Hotel of Union Square. Wanda Barcelona were invited by Interiors from Spain and the chic W Hotel in Union Square, NYC to create their vision of Spanish Design.  The result was a truly unique and eye-catching piece which commanded much attention indeed!   Based on a traditional Spanish fan, the piece symbolises the rise of Spanish design and creatives utilising vernacular methods, stunning guests and passers by alike with this awesome mix of materials and lavish illumination. See the making of video below, and check out the Wanda Barcelona portfolio (and when you do, yes – you’ll also see that their logo is a fish... what a great film!) for their other awesome works (available here)!  We’re toying with the idea of flying the duo out for our next event – tempting! FANtastico from DIVISION41 on Vimeo.