It may not be Spring, but that hardly matters.  My housemate buys a lot of fresh flowers.  She constantly ensures that the house is smelling sweet and looking beautiful – there’s something gentle and peaceful in the delicacy of a flower – they represent a quality of life that brings joy and delight into a space. Not always, in the case of Holly Hipwell, who well... who once blew them up. Holly embodies her blog, The Flower Drum.  A flower-obsessed online destination.  She’s a flower guru, designer, decorator, arranger, stylist, all-round flower enthusiast and just a small amount of hippy who adores the flora .  Holly is another in the new wave of bloggers who’ve turned their online presence into a blooming career, and she’s got a bit of spunk:
I’ve never been to proper flower school. I hate being told what to do, and I think it’s hard to learn from someone who doesn’t love what you love.
Back to the explosion though, Holly teamed up with Analog for Stab Magazine to create The Flower Bomb, a beautiful video with, you guessed it – a bomb of flowers.  Beautiful work. The Flower Bomb from STAB on Vimeo.