Our friends and KE-ZU supplier over at Artifort shared the video below with us. The video is a very sweet and funny Dutch Toyota advertisement, comically evidencing how a smaller car may just save the day when it comes to your grandchilds birthday (and how stunt carparking can be fun anywhere, really!).  The fun part for us?  The cute birthday boy spends most of his time in the ad on Artifort’s Mare sofa – which is available at KE-ZU. Designed by Rene Holten, whose portfolio of work is incredibly diverse, Mare and is a contemporary collection which finds its rightful place among the rich heritage of Artifort.   Mare showcases clean lines with a touch of European ergonomics, incorporating tightly upholstered surfaces with slim legs  which rise up to meet the sofa cushions. A distinctive feature is the sled base which in the sofa, The Mare range exhibits high quality construction with steel springs combined with PUR Foam and covered with Dacron to ensure excellent seating comfort and longevity.  It’s bonus is the compatibility of its parts, Artifort says:
Mare and More Mare. More Mare makes this popular designer sofa even more versatile. Make it bigger. Or slim it down. Make it upright and straightforward. Or playful. This is the idea behind the versatility of the new Mare concept: making surprising combinations from its various separate components. To create your own personal sofa. A sofa that is always comfortable and elegant.
Available in various colours with specialty fabric options, Mare is available as a fauteuil, a love seat and as a sofa in four widths. The light, elegant bases of the matching pouffe and tables instantly mark them out as members of the Mare family.