This blog editor has recently been loosely planning a party.  Never one to shy away from an excuse for a get together and a glass of wine, next year marks the 10 year anniversary of my relationship with my favourite pair of jeans. The jeans were purchased when I was living in Melbourne.  They were dark, wide-leg engineered denim, albeit probably one size too large. I lived in them like they were a second skin, a warm leg-hug from an Australian designer and a trophy that I was living in the fashion capital of Australia, having recently relocated from, well... let’s just say a somewhat less fashionable city of the Country. Since that time, they’ve undergone many transformations.  They’re now faded to a much lighter denim, extremely brittle and a skinny leg (due to alterations, rather than weight-gain - that’s for sure).  My staple wardrobe piece has been mended uncountable times to repair the most ridiculous of holes and splits, most of which exposing parts of my body in which wearing them could have me arrested.  Most notably however, in the back pocket there is a Joan Jett patch, fusing the two sides of the crumbling denim together and, securing the place of my wallet. Which brings me to my point, oh yes, this anecdote does lead us to a point!  It’s MMM at the KE-ZU Blog and here’s some Joan Jett with a serious classic.