Furniture Free Friday goes a bit clothes free this week.  What?!  Why not. Imagine waking up in the morning, have a little breakfast, get dressed to go to work make your way to work, follow the same routine, all in the norm.  Until boom!  German artist Milo Moiré’s latest curated performance "The Script System" happens upon you. Moiré recently sent a naked model to the streets in Dusseldorf with the names written on the skin of clothes to wear, confusing commuters with his provocative piece. Aimed to draw attention to fighting stereotypes, the performance art piece forces us to take stock of our routines, what we may call mundane or a chore and re-analyse our world… nothing that every day is different, and that the world around us may hold more interest than we sometimes realize. We’ll be on the look out for something special next time we’re travelling, be it nude or not!