Artifort have put their thinking caps on this year.   Adding to their collection of exclusive licences in re-releasing design classics by Geoffrey D. Harcourt and Pierre Paulin, Artifort have introduced a junior range of smaller sized furniture aimed at the design-conscious little ones and managed to squeeze in enough time to work with Missoni to create a set of printed upholstery for the new piece Patch. PATCH MissoniHome, the interior branch of the famous Italian fashion label Missoni collaborated with Artifort, the two houses brought together by Jacco Bregonje, a Dutch designer residing in Italy. They inspired each other to produce a unique innovative chair.  The departure point being to co-develop an accessible chair with the comfort and quality of Artifort, dressed in an iconic MissoniHome patchwork fabric or a Missoni black and white space dyed seamless knit produced in collaboration with Stoll, the famous knitting machine producer. The result was the Patch One / Patch Two and the Patch Knit One / Patch Knit Two. The really unique feature of this design is the perfect fitting cover, a three -dimensional one-piece knit. It’s as if the chairs were wearing a close-fitting sweater that perfectly accentuates every curve. It’s an intriguing design with the cover following the organic lines of the shell and yet there is no visible stitching and not a drop of glue was used. The cover and the chair seem to be an inseparable whole. Another special fashion detail is the arm patch. This provides extra protection and an exciting graphical accent and is inspired by the leather arm patches. MOULIN A good, old-fashioned chair designed by the late Pierre Paulin.  Previously in the collection of Thonet France, it now completes the Artifort collection.  The design of the Moulin dates from Pierre Paulin’s early years of creativity, its design conceived from a modesty bearing a slim frame and an upholstered back and seat.  A beautiful chair with recognizable history, Moulin leads the way for the simple life without frills. Highly adaptable, Moulin is perfect for the breakfast table or work table. ROCKING CHAIR Who can resist a rocking chair?  Especially a rocking chair of identifiable design credentials from Geoffrey D. Harcourt.   Now you simply relax and rock yourself into daydreams of distant paradise resorts and happiness beyond measure. Rocking has to be the ultimate way of relaxing. In fact, a rocker base on Harcourt’s much-loved and extremely comfortable 500-series shell chairs provides incredible comfort. The shell chairs in this series, each of which has its own characteristic upholstery, are already great on a fixed base. Now that the original rocker base has been restored to its place of honour, they are absolutely irresistible. JUNIOR SERIES

It’s the kids who haven’t been forgotten in Artifort’s 2013 campaign.  Releasing junior versions of Pierre Paulin’s award-winning and identifiable Mushroom and Orange Slice is a savvy move responding to a market which is acknowledging smart design for children, whilst ingraining high-quality design education from an early age. Utilising the embedded colour and shape of the pieces works in the favour of the collection which are perfect for playrooms, waiting rooms, lobbies, receptions and at home for the little ones.

BIG MUSHROOM A design that is so clearly Artifort as the Big Mushroom is something that’s held close to the heart of Artifort. There being near no better collection to easily slot into the Artifort family, Big Mushroom was an obvious choice for the Dutch manufacturer.  Originally launched as the F562, it’s been re-launched as “Big Mushroom”.  Soft, ample, inviting and supremely comfortable, the Big Mushroom is an eye-catching piece which invites a curl up to enjoy its full capacity. Imposing but somewhat subtle and organic, this big brother of the Mushroom positively bursts with Artifort DNA.