Understanding the creative eye behind a photographic shoot is a skill.  It must be analysed in such a way, taking into account factors that may not be available to us.  More so, photographic work can lead us down a path to visualise the sometimes unseen, or unacknowledged. The new works of New York City based Australian expat photographer Benjamin Jay Shand understands this, but easily steers us to see just what its creator does.  Titled “Form Follows”, the collection captures form of the built word, paying homage to architecture and design.  Benjamin says of the works:
'Form Follows' doesn't promote a style of 'shooting' - rather, this is a display of my way of seeing. By granting the built world an exclusive aesthetic license, paved geometries rise full-frame as magnetizing protagonists - and skies sit unified with their concrete tenants below.
Capturing the essence of form, space and colour, the works offer a glimpse into geometric unity and balance – presenting beauty in built environments and space in places we could perhaps glaze over. His first solo exhibition, taking place at PIPS Art Space in the appropriately chic Williamsburg, NYC opens this Saturday. Benjamin (and his creative eye) is one to look out for in the future! [gallery type = "rectangular" exclude "5600,5593"]