Join us for a nostalgic trip today.  Surely, this blog Editor wasn’t the only one who had a bookshelf at home with his parents as a youngster filled with the vibrant yellow of the National Geographic Magazine.  Many weekend days spent pouring through them, no matter how outdated and wondering about the world at large.  I have my parents to thank for that. Now however, with any luck all those beautiful magazines probably comprise the recycled coffee cup you bought this morning.  Luckily for everyone however, is that we found NatGeoFound.  The delicious Tumblr site devoted to sourcing and publishing photographs which graced the pages of National Geographic since its inception. Scouring its collection the same warm feelings about our world at large return.  Here are a few of our favourites. South Africans relax on a sunny, cabana-lined beach in Cape Town, South Africa, August 1953. Victoria Amazonica water lilies can reach 20 feet in circumference and support up to 300 pounds each. Perching children atop the massive leaves was all the rage in water gardens of the time. Salem, North Carolina, c. 1892. The post office and general store in Castolon, Texas. Children circle around an ultraviolet lamp to get a dose of vitamin D in Murmansk, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, August 1977. Servicewomen read National Geographic Magazine at a beauty parlor in Illinois. Soldiers at Camp Shelby military base in Mississippi dance with local girls, July 1941. Bathers read magazines near shoreline while floating in the Dead Sea, December 1964.